TIRO Distributing LLC

About Us

Our company focus is quite simple and has been from the start in 1979. That is to produce and sell high quality products and services coupled with the desire to make each customer want to be a repeat customer.

While our company’s main focus is with the Roaster’s Own branded chicken program, we also sell reconditioned Broaster® Pressure Fryers and parts for a fraction of their new price.

Another facet of our business is the distribution of paper products and foodservice supplies of all kinds: with thousands of products in stock like deli containers, paper towels, register rolls, cups , stainless steal cookware, cutlery, take out packaging, coffee decanters, seasonings and dry rubs for chicken and ribs. Well, you get the idea. Now check out our online store to see more and more.

Broaster is a registered trademark of the Broaster co.

TIRO Distributing LLC
42 Eastman Street
Easton, MA 02375
fax: 508-238-9801

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