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Breading Tips

Twelve Reasons For Breading/Coating Ahead
The following points out why it is beneficial to coat chicken a minimum of 1 hour prior to cooking. Please note that coated chicken should be cooked within 24 hours for the best golden brown finished color. If not cooked within 24 hours, you may either wash it off or re-coat it.  We have put together 12 reasons why this is so important.

1.   True Roaster's Own flavor, Crispy Whole Grain Coating is a specially seasoned coating that has low salt and is MSG free as well as TRANS FAT free. The Chick-ade (also MSG/TRANS FAT free) marination flavors and seasons the coating during the 1-hour holding time, after the chicken has been coated. You know it is ready to cook when it is tacky to touch.       (Please see separate sheet for ordering Roaster's Own/Allen's fresh 8pc.cut marinated chicken .)
2.   Dry coating acts as a napkin and absorbs oil. Tacky coating creates a seal so it does not absorb oil.
3.   Chicken that has been coated in advance uses less oil because there is no place for the oil to go.
4.   Properly coated chicken is crispier and is more golden in color.
5.   Roaster's Own coatings when applied in advance resist heat carbonization when particles are released into the oil.
6.   Dry coating in the oil makes cleaning procedures harder by burning onto the sides of the  cooking well.
7.   With proper coating procedures, the basket is much easier to clean with hot water and a nylon scrubber, only. You can also use Roaster's Own filter compound as an abrasive cleaner. DO NOT USE SOAP.
8.   By coating enough chicken ahead to get through your next rush period, your job will be easier and you will serve the best possible product. This allows time during the rush to keep chicken cooked ahead and rotated.
9.   Coating chicken ahead allows you to keep the work area and your hands clean during the rush.
10.   When you coat chicken, tap off any excess coating and place  in rows in hotel pans. Cover loosly with food film  and refrigerate immediately.   Roaster's Own Crispy Chicken, when properly coated, uses less oil and coating.
11.   By coating ahead and putting the chicken in rows in a hotel pan, it is easier to drop chicken in the proper order: thighs, breassts, legs and wings. This allows a little extra cooking time for the thighs and larger pieces.
12.   When too much coating is allowed to build up in the bottom of any fryer, it increases the number of filtering cycles.

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