TIRO Distributing LLC
Compare to Broaster*
And customers say "even better!"
Read our Roaster's Own whole grain story and you will understand why.
Roaster's Own Whole Grain Story

Tasty, tender, whole grain goodness!

Get it right... choose Roaster's Own. Your tastebuds will be happy and so will your heart! Our chicken is prepared using our exclusive natural tenderizing, allergen free, MSG free, chemical free, trans fat free, Kosher approved marinade. Then it is lightly dusted in our whole grain 100% wheat and whole rolled oat coatings that are trans fat free, MSG free, and Kosher approved. All this, coupled with an exclusive cooking process that locks in the flavor, natural vitamins and nutrients and you've got out of this world tasting crispy chicken!

(Oatmeal grain is a low saturated fat, sodium free, cholesterol free food, and is a good source of dietary fiber.)
*Broaster is a registered tradename/trademark of The Broaster Company.
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